How far will a mother go to protect her daughter? What dangers will a son risk to defy his father within a system of evil?

Anglass is a well-ordered city. Those in the inner rings control the world. Those outside the center do as they are told…without question. Questions. You can die for asking the wrong question.

Chase’s daughter, Willow, like every other child, is the ‘Property of the State.’ Usually, so long as you keep your head down, the ‘State’ pays no attention, and parents raise their children as they always have. Unfortunately, the state has a profound interest in 5-year-old Willow. Chase needs to protect her little girl - but there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Nate is a son of the inner circle. As the son of the city’s leading man, Nate is expected to do his duty and ‘keep the peace’ as an officer of the state. His reward? To rise, like his father, to the mayorship of the city. Nate discovers that ‘keeping the peace’ involves torture, murder, and unspeakable crimes. This is his heritage. This is the city that he will one day rule. When their worlds collide, Nate will hold the fate of Chase and Willow in his hands. Will he have the courage to rebel? Can he save Willow from her inevitable fate?

"A Brave New World meets The Hunger Games" - if you love dystopian fiction, you need to read this book!

The entire series is now available on Amazon as ebook or paperback. Start with Chase and read on with Rebel and Hunter.

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