When a group of dark wizards kills magicians and non-magicians alike, magicians are forced out of hiding after thousands of years of peaceful coexistence. Soon after, magic on one side and weapons on the other create a bloody match and a war seems unavoidable. Trying to prevent a holocaust, Cassandra sets out to prove magicians are not a threat. It’s the fight of a witch who is overwhelmed with daily life against a society who is just as eager to hunt witches as it was in the middle ages. She finds new friends and reunites with old ones along the way – prominently among them a gay dwarf and a dragon breeder with a drinking problem.


The publishing date for out of hiding will be announced as soon as possible. It is finished and going through beta reading to fill the plot holes and iron out the little things. However, due to me studying full-time and working, I don't know the details at this point.

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