Humanity as a whole lives a life of excess with little care of the long-term effects on our planet, environment, and each other--even ourselves. I do not want to be part of the problem, so I do my best to be part of the solution and fight for what I believe in.

MINIMALISM | I believe that less is more and that most of us have much more than is good for us. I got rid of the excees to clear the mind and focus on what I care about.

SLOW LIVING | In a world of busy, it is important to take a moment and breath, think, pause. We need to focus on ourselves, what we care about, and what we believe in. Busy is not the goal.

ENVIRONMENTALIST | I am a big fan of David Attenborough and his documentaries and think they should be shown to everyone. To do my part, I live a low waste, almsot zero single use plastic, and minimal impact livestyle.

FIGHTER FOR OUR PLANET | I believes that humans of all shapes, colors, religions, orientations, tastes, etc. should have the same rights. I also believe that we need to take care of the one planet we have, the animals and plants we share it with and the climate.