The Desert

We had breakfast in San Diego at a Mexican restaurant. There were people talking everywhere, birds chirping loudly all around the tables, music playing. Just a mess of noise. While I usually enjoyed such an atmosphere, I wasn’t very happy about it then, since my ears had hurt for weeks with every noise.

When we arrived at the Imperial Sand Dunes, the atmosphere couldn’t have been more different. No one around as far as the eyes could see. The wind blowing past my ears the only sound I could here. Nothing. Soothingly quiet.

The Imperial Sand Dunes are one of the most amazing places I’ve visited so far. While it’s super hot, the wind makes it bearable and I would’ve been happy to just sit in the sand and hear nothing for a lot longer than we actually stayed.

If you’re ever in the Southern parts of California, the dunes are definitely worth a visit – even if it’s an extra 150miles as it was for us.

2016-05-07 14.48.26-2
2016-05-07 15.07.06-1
2016-05-07 14.48.31
2016-05-07 14.59.26
All these images were taken with my iPhone 6s. No professional camera. And except for the black and white, no post processing whatsoever.
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