Who is Kate?

I am a late-twenties woman living in North Shore City, New Zealand, head over heels for my cute little dog Pepper and my wonderful husband. Some people call me adventurous, as I always follow my passions. I guess doing the “scary-crazy but awesome thing” of moving from Germany to California and then to New Zealand is one of those times when I let my heart rule, and I am so excited to call this wonderful place my home now! I am blessed every day as I am living my dream life. I love endless landscapes with no one around, the soothing view of waves crashing into a cliff, and the feeling of my motorcycle while I ride through this beautiful world. I am a food lover who dances while cooking (or in most other situations, for that matter). And I am just as likely to be found sipping a nice gin or whiskey on a roof top terrace, as I am to be found in PJs watching a good movie with my beautiful family.

Kate Breuer
Me in a few words

Light Lover



Dog Mom



Favorite Places I’ve Been

Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles (completed twice so far)

Yosemite, California, USA

French Riviera, France

Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon, Zion, Las Vegas (motorcycle tour)

Lake Constance, Germany

Places I want to visit


The Great Barrier Reef


Yosemite, Redwood National Park and back down the coast (motorcycle tour)