One would think that it should be easy to summarize the life of someone who hasn’t even quite reached thirty. However, if that certain someone has moved across two oceans to the other end of the world, it gets complicated fast. I grew up in Germany, always feeling like an alien in a world that wasn’t mine until my husband and I packed up everything, sold almost everything, and did the “scary-crazy but awesome thing” of moving to Los Angeles with just a suitcase each. People had bets going on how long it would be until we returned to Germany. We had to disappoint them all. When our visa in the US expired, we moved on to New Zealand – literally as far as possible from Germany and our families. Life is beautiful here, but we hope to one day make our way back to our heart home: California. Some people call me adventurous, others call me crazy. I guess, all of them are a right. After running a photography business for 10 years, I am now a business consultant for creatives, while writing novels, and being a wife and dog mom on top of that. Boredom is my biggest foe and I thrive in the fight against it. I love endless landscapes with no one around, the soothing view of waves crashing into a cliff, and the feeling of my motorcycle while I ride through this beautiful world – preferably with my husband by my side and our lovely dog Pepper on the back of his bike. I am just as likely to be found sipping a nice gin or whiskey in a city bar as I am to be found in my PJs reading a book or watching the next episode of whatever TV show we are binge-watching at the time.

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